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Easy Step-by-Step Guide for E-commerce SEO Audits

Are you struggling to drive natural visitors in your e-commerce store?

Here’s the aspect.

You can use one of the nice e-commerce platforms, make your save seem like a million greenbacks, and A/B check it to the nth degree. But your shop will by no means reach its top if you aren’t producing much natural traffic.


That’s where an e-commerce SEO audit can prove valuable.

An audit enables you pick out areas to improve and offers you a roadmap to higher rankings.

In this newsletter, I’ll give an explanation for what an e-trade search engine optimization website online audit is, why you need it, and the way you could get began using my e-commerce search engine optimization audit checklist.

Key Takeaways
An e-trade search engine marketing audit is a evaluation of your on line save’s search engine optimization overall performance that analyzes a variety of on-page, off-web page, and technical factors.
An e-trade search engine marketing audit can increase traffic, improve your conversion costs, and lower your advertising costs.
Technical factors analyzed in an e-trade search engine optimization audit consist of Core Web Vitals, crawlability, and site indexation.
An audit analyzes on-page elements including mobile responsiveness, identify tag and meta description optimization, and duplicate content material.
Off-web page elements you can analyze at some stage in an audit consist of your website’s one-way link profile and content material gaps.
What Is an E-commerce search engine optimization Audit?
An e-commerce search engine optimization audit (also called an e-commerce site audit) is a detailed assessment of your online store’s health and overall performance from an search engine marketing attitude. A comprehensive audit will check more than one aspects of your save, consisting of all of its pages (homepage, category pages, product pages, and many others.), its technical performance, and off-page search engine marketing elements like back links.


By walking an e-trade SEO web page audit, you could locate your web page’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities to enhance your website online’s rankings in Google and other engines like google.

Search engine marketing audits may be time-consuming, but you need to entire one at the least every year. The sales you generate from better rankings should extra than pay for the time it takes to run an audit.

Why Is an E-commerce search engine marketing Audit Important?
Why do you want to run an e-commerce website audit, specifically? Part of it’s miles due to the fact e-commerce has its very own particular wishes and concerns.

“There are some fundamental variations among an e-commerce site and different varieties of websites,” says William Kammer, VP of search engine optimization at NP Accel.


“These can be damaged down into:

Properly optimizing class and product pages
Establishing various factors between your merchandise and your competitors’
Establishing experience and authority through displaying agree with and information of the team
Ensuring a wonderful overview trajectory of your products through their first-rate and your customer support, and taking pictures the ones reviews inside the proper places.”
When you run an e-commerce web site audit, you could discover technical problems which can be stopping your website from rating, improve its standard overall performance, and enhance the user revel in.


You can gain different blessings, too, like:

Increased visitors: Optimizing your site for engines like google assist you to rank higher in seek results and entice more site visitors. After an e-trade SEO audit, on-line retailer BOHO Pink extended organic traffic by 114 percentage. Just take a look at the graph underneath.

Improved conversion rates: By making your internet site greater visible to capacity customers, you’re more likely to convert them into paying customers.
Competitive gain: E-trade search engine optimization can come up with a prime competitive part over different agencies for your enterprise and preserve you ahead of the curve.
Lower advertising costs: E-commerce SEO also can help you save money on advertising fees in case you’re on a tight price range. By ranking higher in seek consequences, you could get extra publicity without having to pay for advertisements or other marketing campaigns. For extra cheap advertising hints, study my article on a way to market your e-commerce keep on a price range.
Improved ROI: With a better go back on investment, e-commerce search engine optimization may be a valuable funding on your enterprise. Don’t trust us? Big Island Coffee Roasters, as an example, accelerated sales through more than 460 percentage. That became after an SEO audit observed numerous high-quantity key phrases had been inside hanging distance, and scores will be accomplished with on-web site optimizations, content refreshes, inner hyperlinks, and stale-website content material advertising.
15 Steps to Perform an E-Commerce search engine marketing Audit
Do you need to make sure you complete the most comprehensive audit feasible? Then, comply with my in-depth e-commerce search engine optimization audit checklist beneath.


I’ll start by way of sharing my technical SEO auditing pointers before transferring directly to analyzing your current content and completing with walking a content material hole evaluation.

1. Check Your Crawlability
Your web site’s crawlability determines how nicely seek engine crawlers can browse your website. The less complicated it’s miles to crawl, the faster search engines like google and yahoo will index your content material and the greater key phrases you’ll rank for.

You can take a look at your web page’s move slowly stats the use of the Crawl Stats Report discovered on the “Settings” page in Google Search Console:

You’ll need to test for major spikes or drops in move slowly requests, which can imply an issue like a rogue robots.Txt record.

You also can use the grouped crawl statistics report to locate troubles like 404 and 500 mistakes.

2. Check Core Web Vitals
A sluggish page can drag down the rest of your internet site and impact your ranking in serps. That’s why step one in my e-commerce SEO audit is to test your site’s Core Web Vitals.


Core Web Vitals are a hard and fast of overall performance metrics that Google uses to degree the velocity and person enjoy of your website.

The three Core Web Vitals are:

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): how quick the main web page content material renders
Interaction to Next Paint (INP): how long it takes for a browser to reply to a consumer’s first enter.
Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): the quantity to which a page’s layout shifts during loading.
Checking your store’s Core Web Vitals is straightforward. Just head over to Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool and enter your area.

You’ll receive a shade-coded evaluation and a pass or fail. You also can see how your overall performance compares between cellular and computers.

Scroll down similarly, and Google presents pointers for enhancing your website online’s performance.

There are usually things you may do to enhance your Core Web Vitals. Even Amazon can enhance, as you can see within the photo above!

Other strategies you could use to improve your store’s load time consist of:

1. Evaluate your web hosting situation: Try the use of devoted as opposed to shared web hosting.

2. Use a caching plugin: Caching can dramatically improve your page velocity.

3. Optimize your images: Images are frequently the heaviest elements on a web page, so reducing their document size can substantially effect load time.


If you notice numerous issues, you could want to use a device like Screaming Frog to analyze each web page for your internet site and notice which ones are returning an errors code.

3. Run an Indexation Analysis
An indexation analysis allows you find which of your website pages the search engines like google and yahoo are indexing. If the engines like google aren’t indexing your pages, it approach:

Your pages received’t display up in search consequences.
PageRank (an set of rules that Google uses to rank web sites in their seek engine consequences) suffers.
Your capability to rank for sure keywords suffers.
Indexing troubles can occur while there are too many auto-generated URLs or when net pages have negative internal linking. Google additionally doesn’t index every web page.


You can track indexing the use of a device like Google Search Console and think about the ‘Index Coverage Report’.

Google Search Advocate Daniel Waisberg indicates you ways in the YouTube video below:

four. Check Your Sitemap
A sitemap is an XML record listing each web page to your internet site. It facilitates search engine crawlers navigate your website and understand its structure and hierarchy.

The precise news is that maximum CMS and e-trade systems automatically generate an XML sitemap of your store. But you’ll nevertheless want to test it’s there and make sure it’s correct.


If you could’t locate it, you’ll want to add your sitemap to Google Search Console. Just click Sitemap inside the left-hand menu bar, upload the URL of your save’s sitemap, and click SUBMIT.

You’ll also need to check your robots.Txt record, which tells seek engine crawlers which pages to crawl and which to keep away from. This is especially crucial for e-trade web sites because of the elevated risk of replica content from category pages and product descriptions and the fact that e-trade shops tend to have many more pages than your common internet site.

Virtually every e-trade platform or CMS, like WordPress, may have a way of changing your robots.Txt document. I propose adding the following elements of your shop in your file:

Shopping cart
Login and signup
On-website search pages
Finally, take a look at whether or not your robots.Txt document is working efficaciously the use of Google Search Console.

Click on Crawl and pick robots.Txt Tester, and the web page will display you if there are any errors.

5. Verify You’re Using HTTPS
HTTPS is a safety protocol that encrypts communique among a website and a consumer’s internet browser, defensive sensitive statistics like passwords and credit score card numbers.


Do you want a reason to undertake HTTPS? I can do better than that. I’ll give you 3:

HTTPS offers your site visitors confidence
Google’s Chrome browser marks pages without SSL as ‘Not Secure’.
Google started using HTTPS as a ranking signal again in 2014.
The long and brief of it? HTTPS encryption need to come up with more natural site visitors.

Now you understand why you must upgrade from HTTPS, here’s the way to do it:

Get an SSL certificates from a unfastened or top rate issuer.
Install your certificate to your server. The precise manner varies relying for your server software, however maximum servers make it pretty straightforward.
That’s it! Once you install your SSL certificates, traffic on your website can see an ‘HTTPS’ in the URL, and their browser will display a lock icon.

You can double-take a look at it’s running through making sure your URL bar looks like the image above.

6. Ensure Your Site Is Mobile Friendly
If you need to rank well on search engines like google, you need a mobile-pleasant website.



Because Google predominantly makes use of the cell model of your website for indexing and ranking. If your cell website is sluggish, unresponsive, and unoptimized, then you definately’re no longer going to rank.

The desirable information is that your web site’s mobile-friendliness may be without difficulty checked in the course of your e-trade SEO audit the use of Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool.

If the check flags up room for development, here are a few recommendations to make your web page cell-pleasant:

Use responsive design so that your site automatically resizes to in shape any tool display screen size.
Reduce photo length.
Use fonts and designs which can be easy to read on a small screen.
Disable JavaScript or minimalize it where possible.
Finally, preserve your content material, photographs, and coding lightweight to speed up loading instances and test your website on specific devices.

7. Fix Broken Links
Broken hyperlinks can appear for some of reasons, however it’s usually because the page that the link is pointing to gets moved or deleted.

These broken links can offer a terrible consumer experience when site visitors don’t locate the content material they’re seeking out. That can result in upset customers, higher soar rates, and lower conversions.


But don’t worry, I’ve got a quick fix.

Ahrefs has a free broken hyperlinks checker, but you’ll need to upgrade for a full document. Or strive Screaming Frog; simply down load the search engine optimization Spider to find them.

Then, both redirect or replace the link.

8. Canonicalize or Remove Duplicate Content
There are lots of misunderstandings around reproduction content, so let’s clean one factor up: Google doesn’t ‘punish’ duplicates. However, in case you’ve were given an e-trade shop, you likely have more than one listings which can be the same, like object descriptions or user guides.

In this example, search engines gained’t continually recognize which page to index, and might index the wrong one.

That’s no longer best, however there’s a short answer. Free content material checkers like Siteliner and ScreamingFrog check for duplicate content.


If you’re the usage of ScreamingFrog:

Crawl your website the usage of the SEO spider
Check duplicates below the ‘content’ tab. You can choose from near or genuine duplicates from the dropdown menu

Complete a crawl analysis
View duplicates under the ‘Duplicate Details’ heading
Download your bulk duplicate reviews
To fix duplicates, you could add canonical tags to suggest which web page you want engines like google to index.

Nine. Optimize Your Title Tags And Meta Descriptions
Analyzing and optimizing title tags and meta descriptions are fundamental to any e-trade search engine optimization audit.

To increase click-through quotes, your meta descriptions have to be clear, concise, and relevant to what customers are attempting to find. Title tags should also be correct and descriptive.

You can quick find the web page title and meta description of any of your shop’s pages using the Detailed search engine optimization Extension.


It right away affords a snapshot of each page’s title, description, URL, and canonical URL.

You can locate the web page titles and meta descriptions for each page on your website in a single pass through running a Screaming Frog website audit.

10. Optimize Existing Category Pages
Category pages don’t frequently get the equal stage of interest as product pages, but they are distinctly essential for helping seek engine crawlers understand your web page’s hierarchy.

That’s why I advise evaluating the shape of your class pages as a part of an e-trade audit.

Ideally, your web site should have a structure much like Apple, wherein each product suits well underneath a specific class or subcategory.


Your URLs ought to additionally comply with your category pages.

So when you have a “dresses” category in your online clothes shop, then a product URL ought to appearance something like:

onlinestore.Com/attire/pink-get dressed

You’ll also want to improve the on-page optimization of class pages the usage of the following guidelines:

Check your web page identify tags and meta descriptions to make sure they’re optimized on your target keywords.
Use breadcrumbs to assist clients navigate among product pages and class pages.
Use excellent, engaging product pix. Category pages are all about selling your merchandise, so make certain the pictures you operate are engaging and provide customers an excellent feel of what the product looks as if.


REI’s category pages are a first rate example of what an optimized category page ought to seem like, which includes links to special product sub-classes and brands, a list of the top hiking merchandise, and links to different related categories.

Eleven. Optimize Existing Product Pages
If you need your save to rank better and get greater natural visitors, then you definately have to optimize your product pages for search engines and customers.

Start this a part of the audit system by using checking to peer whether or not your product pages have misplaced or won ranks. Ubersuggest’s rank monitoring feature is a incredible manner to look how your web site’s scores exchange through the years.

If you locate one or two pages where scores have fallen, then use those guidelines to enhance your product page’s on-page SEO:

Use key-word-rich titles and descriptions: Create correct and descriptive web page titles and meta descriptions that describe your product using applicable key phrases. This will assist search engines like google and yahoo and customers recognize what each web page is ready.
Optimize your images: Include alt text for less complicated indexing and to improve accessibility.
Include key phrases obviously: Incorporate every web page’s goal key phrases into your product descriptions, but don’t overdo it. It must still make for an interesting read.
Add dependent records: Schema has a number of product-related based information tags you may use to assist seek engine crawlers understand and index your product pages.
Use pricing strategies on your benefit: Offer discounts, unfastened delivery, and many others., and sell these gives on social media. Use promotional equipment like coupons and special gives to drive visitors to your list.
Here’s an instance of a well-optimized product web page you must emulate:


This page from complement organisation Momentous has clear pricing, unique product descriptions, utilization guidelines, FAQs, purchaser reviews, and associated products.

You need to also take this possibility to optimize your product pages for conversions. Adding FAQs, client reviews, and other sorts of social proof is a extremely good way to make certain you exchange as many organic traffic as possible.

12. Add or Optimize Internal Links
An inner hyperlink is a link connecting pages at the identical website. Internal linking is vital for two main motives:

1. It helps search engines apprehend your website structure and crawl your website more successfully.

2. It can assist boom the ranking of man or woman pages through spreading link fairness (or ‘link juice’) round your web site.

Here’s how it works:


Let’s say you have got a blog put up approximately the one of a kind forms of jeans. In that publish, you can internally link to relevant product or category pages so customers can quickly circulate from reading your article to purchasing a couple of denims.

As a part of your e-commerce search engine optimization audit, make certain to check:

All links are working efficaciously. Sitechecker gives a free fourteen-day-trial. Or you can attempt SEOptimer, which also offers a free website audit.
Your links are applicable to the page they’re on. Irrelevant hyperlinks can confuse serps and may also harm your ranking.
Use keyword-rich anchor text in your inner hyperlinks.
13. Add or Optimize Alt Text
Search engines use alt text to understand what an image is about and if it’s relevant to the consumer’s query. If an photograph doesn’t have alt text, or if the alt text isn’t always descriptive enough, it can hurt your internet site’s rating and visibility.

Here’s an example of what good and awful alt textual content look like for this image from The North Face’s on-line save.

Great Alt description for search engine marketing: Man in The North Face pants and footwear strolling on a log.

Okay Alt description for search engine optimization: Man carrying The North Face pants and footwear.

Poor Alt description for SEO: Man on a log.

You can take a look at the alt text of an photo in Chrome by means of proper-clicking on an photo and deciding on “Inspect”. If it isn’t always there, or if it is not descriptive, then edit the code to feature or enhance it.

14. Check Your Backlinks
Every internet site wishes fine one-way links from applicable websites. They are one of the maximum important rating elements, and getting more one-way links can send your scores hovering.

Try my Free Backlink Checker to discover how many backlinks you’ve were given. Just enter your domain or URL and click submit.

If you believe you studied you have a low-exceptional hyperlink profile (or slightly any links in any respect) whilst running your e-commerce search engine optimization audit, then use my pointers underneath to build greater:

Mine your competition’ backlinks: One of the easiest ways to get extra one way links is to build hyperlinks that your competitors already advantage from. Enter your competition’ URLs into my free device, sort the outcomes by means of page authority, and start running via them one by one to look if you may get a hyperlink of your personal.
Create treasured content: While it’s no longer essential to have a blog, generating top notch articles offers you keyword opportunities, a threat to illustrate your knowledge, and to sell new products. Over time, this will entice higher-quality hyperlinks.
Participate in online forums and discussion companies relevant in your niche: Online forums can be a wonderful manner to feature great hyperlinks in your profile and collect users with a excessive buy cause.
Write guest posts: Find different blogs in your area of interest and write visitor posts. It’s one of the easiest approaches to get a inbound link, and some blogs can even pay you for it.
15. Determine Your Content Gaps
A content material hole evaluation is an audit of a internet site’s current content to become aware of possibilities to create new content material.

Conducting a content material hole evaluation lets you hone in on exactly which subjects you need to jot down approximately and which portions of present content want to be up to date or expanded upon. It’s the perfect manner to discover new subjects to your blog.

My search engine marketing device, Ubersuggest, is a first-rate manner to find content material gaps on your web site. In reality, I’ve written a whole blog article dedicated to the topic of locating content gaps, with the intention to educate you the entirety you need to understand.

Finally, for a better expertise of what e-trade clients want and the form of questions they’re asking, use AnswerThePublic. This tool serves up hundreds of applicable questions while you enter a seed key-word.


For a greater complete breakdown of this subject matter, examine my article on how to discover and fasten content gaps.

Are SEO Audits Worth It?
An audit may be immensely beneficial to your e-trade SEO. By taking a near study your website online, you may perceive regions for improvement and make the modifications important to boost your ratings.

How Do You Conduct search engine optimization Audits?
Using my e-commerce search engine optimization tick list makes the whole system a great deal less complicated. Make certain you devote a day to going for walks a complete audit. Otherwise, you chance rushing the system.


Use gear to make the procedure easier. Screaming Frog can spotlight mistakes, for example, and Ubersuggest can provide relevant keywords, competitor evaluation, and greater.

What Tools Can I Use To Conduct search engine optimization Audits?
There are numerous you may use to behavior an e-commerce SEO audit. Ubersuggest gives you keywords, aggressive evaluation, and article thoughts, for instance. You can also use Screaming Frog to run a technical audit of your internet site, and PageSpeed Insights to become aware of performance issues.

E-commerce search engine optimization audits are a vital part of any virtual advertising approach. They assist you pick out areas for development and ensure your conversion fee optimization efforts aren’t allow down by using a loss of traffic.


Although an e-trade search engine optimization audit is on occasion a massive task, it’s worth it in the long term. Hopefully, my e-trade search engine marketing audit checklist will help. Just ensure your audit covers all of the above points and which you audit your save often to get the great outcomes.

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